Blood Testing Fuelary
Blood Testing Fuelary


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Josh Shadle Fuelary

“People saw me as this fit looking guy who probably makes no mistakes. He eats healthy, trains hard and feels great all the time. The reality is that I’m a survivor of family suicide, I worked way too much and exercised myself into oblivion. I felt depressed and unhealthy all the time. Helpless. My body on the inside didn’t match what was on the outside.

I launched Fuelary because the healthcare system isn’t set up to help us get healthy, it’s only there to treat us when we’re sick. My blood test results would show that I was in range. Being in range wasn’t good enough for me because I felt terrible all the time. When I boosted my testosterone by over 200%, it turned my life around because I never knew what it felt like to feel better. Optimal health shouldn’t be the unicorn; it should be the norm.”

-Josh Shadle, Founder



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