Allie Kieffer

Allie Kieffer took 26 Minutes Off Her PR to Place 5th at the New York City Marathon

Allie smashed her best road marathon time to finish as the second American, fifth overall, in 2:29:39. Fuelary is a proud supporter of Allie for 2018 and beyond. She reached out to us in hopes to manage the demand that marathon training places on her. Nutrition, meal planning, supplements and blood testing are all essential elements to stay on top of your game.

Allie uses the baseline blood test every three months to manage and track her markers. Kieffer, who has endured her struggles with weight loss over the years, hopes her performance sends a positive message to young athletes.

Allie Kieffer Fuelary

“I’ve been surrounded by a lot of people that have eating disorders, and it’s a toxic mentality,” she said. “You see so many people who lose their careers and it’s so sad. If there’s anything I could pass along to younger runners: Love yourself, eat healthy through your college years, and you’ll be stronger on the other side.”

Event Result Venue Date
1500m 4:17.56 Los Angeles (USA) 21.05.2011
Mile ind. 4:53.37 New York (USA) 14.03.2004
3000m 9:48.49 Philadelphia (USA) 26.04.2007
3000m ind. 9:08.13 Glasgow (GBR) 29.01.2011
2 Miles 10:40.61 Tempe (USA) 18.03.2011
5000m 15:52.37 Palo Alto (USA) 01.05.2011
10,000m 32:09.89 Portland, OR (USA) 10.06.2017
5 km Road 15:57 Carlsbad (USA) 01.04.2012
4 Miles Road 21:37 New York (USA) 31.12.2010
10 km Road 34:09 Cleveland (USA) 21.05.2017
12 km Road 41:15 Spokane (USA) 06.05.2012
15 km Road 51:03 Utica (USA) 09.07.2017
15 km Road 50:49 Phoenix (USA) 11.03.2012
10 Miles Road 56:43 Washington (USA) 03.04.2016
10 Miles Road 54:20 St. Paul (USA) 01.10.2017
20 km Road 1:08:20 New Haven (USA) 04.09.2017
Half Marathon 1:17:08 New York (USA) 17.04.2016
Half Marathon 1:14:13 Youngstown (USA) 16.09.2017
25 km Road 1:26:29 Grand Rapids (USA) 12.05.2012
Marathon 2:29:39 New York (USA) 05.11.2017



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