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Fuelary was born out of our own journey towards achieving our health goals – things like more energy, weight loss, better sleep, increased muscle… and just being happy, hungry and maybe even a little horny at times. We found that the healthcare system wasn’t really set up to help us get healthy. Instead, it’s there to treat us when we’re sick. And it’s heavily influenced by the insurance industry (read: limited incentive for change). So we sought out a better way – one with more transparent pricing for testing and the right information to guide the (informed) changes. After all, optimal health shouldn’t be the unicorn; it should be the norm.

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It’s all too common: Walk into the doctor’s office after finally getting an appointment… The doctor hurriedly checks you out, and maybe even orders a blood test. “Looks like you’re in range,” is the most common response. But you might not feel better – you might actually be feeling worse, with a more difficult time sleeping, increased weight gain or tanking energy.

Life is too short to feel crappy, yet be dismissed as “normal.” And the solution is simple: get a blood test, know what the results mean for YOU, and know what changes need to take place for YOU to be happier, hungrier and (ahem) hornier.

“The Fuelary blood test has been super useful to me. It opened my eyes to some issues I did not even know about, and others that were underlying symptoms I’d been having—difficultly sleeping, feeling tired, sluggish and stressed. The report’s recommendations were clear, prioritized and easy to follow. And because I ordered it myself, at my discretion, I could share it with health care providers and coaches of my choosing who gave me a cross-disciplinary view of the best courses of action—including exercise, diet and supplements. After only a month, I already feel a lot better and plan to re-test in a few months to track my progress. No more guessing!”

-Jen S. Age 53

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