Success Stories


Allie Kieffer, Pro Runner

“Fuelary was instrumental in my ability to rebound after the NYC Marathon and set a massive PR in my next race. With their help, I was able to treat deficiencies and optimize my capabilities. Thank you so much!!” –Allie Kieffer, Pro Runner 2:29 Marathon

Lizi Bolanos Fuelary

Lizi Bolanos-Nauth, Mom/Runner

“I had my blood work done and analyzed by Fuelary earlier this year. Results showed deficiencies: high glucose levels, low folic acid and vitamin B12, low vitamin D and high cholesterol.

I am a mom, an occupational therapist;  but my craft is trail running. These results meant I had to do major work! I followed the recommendations that Fuelary put together: from supplements, dietary changes and a suggested meal plan.

It took some weeks to adjust, after three weeks I noticed major differences in my food cravings and energy level. I am eight weeks into it and now I’ve begun to see changes in my athletic performance. Couldn’t be happier with the support and guidance that Fuelary has given me. It’s been life changing! I am looking forward to test again and see the difference!”

Jennifer Simmons Fuelary

Jennifer Simmons, Pilates/Strategist

“The Fuelary blood test has been super useful to me. It opened my eyes to some issues I did not even know about, and others that were underlying symptoms I’d been having—difficultly sleeping, feeling tired, sluggish and stressed. The report’s recommendations were clear, prioritized and easy to follow. And because I ordered it myself, at my discretion, I could share it with health care providers and coaches of my choosing who gave me a cross-disciplinary view of the best courses of action—including exercise, diet and supplements. After only a month, I already feel a lot better and plan to re-test in a few months to track my progress. No more guessing!”

Fuelary Success Story

Drew Coup, SWAT

“Working the graveyard shift, training for triathlons and being an available, loving husband is a full schedule! My sleep habits and energy were all over the place before Fuelary. I got a blood test and tackled what I needed. It was easy. I need to be 100% every day.”

Holly Benner Fuelary

Holly Benner, Pro Triathlete

I raced my second 70.3 of the year today at IM Chattanooga 70.3. This is my first race since implementing all of the changes suggested by Fuelary.
I’m happy to report that I felt the best I ever have while racing. I was focused and totally in control start to finish.
I believe that making subtle changes by incorporating some key supplements and working on improving my digestion has really helped me train, recover, and adapt better than ever before. Small changes over time really do add up!

Overall, I was happy to come away with 5th Place Pro in a solid field of awesome ladies.

kristin weber fuelary

Kristin Weber, Pro Cyclocross
Art Director/Business Owner, Mom of 3

“I am an incredibly high energy person and love the pace of being a mom, working and racing at the pro level, but as I have gotten older, I have noticed a diminishing energy level and used Fuelary to do a blood test to see what was going on with my body. It was straightforward to get it done, and now I understand my body a lot better and what I need to do to support it.  I have a baseline for being a working athlete which has helped me determine what supplements I need to bolster some of my vitamin/mineral deficiencies. This has been really helpful in maintaining a serious race schedule with all the other demands in my life and on my body.”