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Deep tissue, sports & muscle testing. You will never have to worry about pressure or specific neuromuscular massage. Trust me… I get it! Hurts so good.

Fuelary #02: Timothy O'Donnell

In this episode Tim bares it all on the massage table with Josh Shadle once again. Whoa, that sounds a bit dirty. I’m talking about massage here…come on! Sorry, only elbows – no happy endings.

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4x Olympic Marathoner

Ironman World Champion

Ironman World Champion

My whole family has seen Josh. He really knows injuries and self-care.
Last year I think this was the biggest single contribution to getting me to the start line fit and strong in Las Vegas.
AllSports Recovery and Fuelary are my go to happy place
Thanks for keeping me together since 2008, I highly recommend Fuelary.
My training partners turned me onto Fuelary in Boulder, thank god for them keeping the wheels on.
There have been many times I was broken before I got in the ring, thanks Fuelary for helping me win many times.
I've used Fuelary since 2011, my first year in triathlon. They kept me injury free. Thanks guys
Josh & Fuelary, thanks for keeping me Healthy year after year!
  • Josh Shadle
    Josh ShadleOwner

Graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy with a 1000+hour’s experience. Josh is a 5x All-American USAT triathlete and was a track & field elite runner prior to triathlon. “I like to call myself a Movement Specialist, because honestly, that’s what I am.” Most people see Josh Shadle for Manual Muscle Testing, Deep Tissue or Boulder Sports Massage. “There is huge value in empowering and educating my clients to make lasting changes” –Josh.

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